Steps to Sell Your House

Choose your price.

Decide how much to list your home for. View the price of recently sold homes in your neighborhood. How much are homes selling for in your area? How do these homes compare to yours? To get started, view the latest home sales in your area on Homezela.

List your home online.

Do your research and find a few websites that allow you to post your home for sale online. Websites like this typically charge a flat rate, plus the cost of essential services, such as listing photos and a yard sign.

Be available.

Answer questions and show your home to potential buyers. Consider taking time off work so you don’t miss a sale.

Wait for an offer... Or lower the price.

Selling your home without an agent means you need to do extra work to find a buyer. If your home is priced right, an offer will typically come through in 30–45 days. If you don’t receive any offers, you may need to lower the price.

Hire an attorney.

Real estate agents take care of all of the contracts, paperwork, and fine print of a home sale. Without the assistance of an agent, you should find a real estate attorney to mind the legal details of your transaction.

Close the sale.

When you receive an offer and agree on the price and terms with the buyer, you need to hire an escrow or title company to take care of the closing process.

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